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                下載警方狙擊手獄警 3.7.1 1.0

                警方狙擊手獄警 3.7.1 1.0

                • 軟件大?。?span>237 MB (248512512 字節)
                • 軟件類別:手機鈴聲 -> iPhone&iPad
                • 軟件授權:免費軟件      軟件語言:英語
                • 更新時間:2018-01-18
                • 軟件廠商:未知
                • 軟件官網:未知
                • 應用平臺:IOS
                警方狙擊手獄警 3.7.1描述介紹:
                警方狙擊手獄警 3.7.1 1.0官方版是由/fileview_4412959.html上傳到126下載網,供大家免費下載。
                Get ready to join the police sniper squad as the prison guard, spying from the tower top and eliminating the culprit prisoners. You must take control of the situation and don’t let chaos breakout. It’s hard time looking after the prison security and guarding the prisoners. You are on a prison sniper duty at the top of a tower appointed to guard the jail. The best sniper shooting experience and precision rifle handling. It’s hard time to control the prisoners trying to breakout. You are equipped with a rifle. Once a prisoner is found making prison escape, aim and shoot him immediately!

                Don’t let the prisoners execute the plan to escape the prison cell. They will find a chance to execute the prison escape plan. You need to flawless with your aim while you shoot the running convicts. Your core duty is to scan the prison yard every minute to find out culprits and controls jail riots. In case of any wild situations eliminate the resistance. The game involves prisoners trying to make a break and you playing a police sniper guard monitoring them along the way. Riots might happen, criminals try to breakout, prisoners taking police officers as hostage helping them escape and many other prison escape states.

                Prison guard duty is not an easy task, governing the security of the whole prison. Spotting from the tower top, find out jail inmates that are causing the trouble. They might walk into the dark avoiding your eyes so be cautious. Pick up your sniper rifle, take up the charge of police sniper duty and take out the convicts. Don’t let the prisoners dodge the jail custodians.

                TOP GAME FEATURES
                ? Play as Sniper Guard at Prison
                ? Eliminate Prisoners trying to Make a Breakout
                ? Thrill of Taking out Prisoners Escaping
                ? Highly Additive & Immersive Gameplay
                ? Aim, Shoot and Take out Headshots

                版本 3.7.1 中的新功能

                - Bug Fixes


                • 警方狙擊手獄警 3.7.1第0張
                • 警方狙擊手獄警 3.7.1第1張
                • 警方狙擊手獄警 3.7.1第2張
                • 警方狙擊手獄警 3.7.1第3張



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