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                下載MovieScanner 2.3 1.0

                MovieScanner 2.3 1.0

                • 軟件大?。?span>5.5 MB (5767168 字節)
                • 軟件類別:手機鈴聲 -> iPhone&iPad
                • 軟件授權:免費軟件      軟件語言:英語
                • 更新時間:2018-01-18
                • 軟件廠商:未知
                • 軟件官網:未知
                • 應用平臺:IOS
                MovieScanner 2.3描述介紹:
                MovieScanner 2.3 1.0官方版是由/fileview_4412953.html上傳到126下載網,供大家免費下載。
                Welcome to MovieScanner - the ultimate iOS Movie inventory app!

                Have you been collecting DVD's, Blu-rays, PS3/Xbox/Wii games and video tapes and always wanted to have a current catalog of what you own? Until now, this was a cumbersome job involving a PC, some kind of database program and LOTS of time... but not anymore!

                MovieScanner lets you build a compehensive list of your movies in an automated and convenient way - without typing! And you can take it on the road, too!

                You simply scan the bar codes on the back of your DVD, Blu-Ray or even your old VHS cases. On devices without camera, simply type in the codes and get the same amazing result!

                Movie data is automatically pulled from the internet using our own web service that is constantly being updated to guarantee the best possible hit rate. As data gets stored on your iPhone for offline reference, each movie shows up in the list with it's title, genre and a cover image. A powerful search option lets you find any movie in just seconds.

                In details view, you can see a short description of the movie, the genre, and in many cases a direct link to the movie trailer! What's more, you can simply add a personal note and choose from 4 user-defined flags that let you mark any movie as especially cool, given to someone, on your wishlist etc.

                With the new bluetooth multi-user option, you can even share your movie list with other MovieScanner users (not on 1st generation devices) - or eMail the list as a CSV or XML file.

                版本 2.3 中的新功能

                - UPDATE: Adapted for iPhone X
                - UPDATE: Adapted for iOS11
                - FIX: Image picker works again
                - FIX: "the" sorting feature no longer crashes


                • MovieScanner 2.3第0張
                • MovieScanner 2.3第1張
                • MovieScanner 2.3第2張



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